Cost Management

More of an art than a science? At MDA we believe that the truth is somewhere in between. We are not naive to think that we will always provide costs against robust and fixed designs. Our skill is that we read between the lines and provide a view based on our experience and knowledge of the client and project.

We work with the team to ensure that the delicate balance between what the client wants and what he can afford are sensitively dealt with. We promote working with the entire supply chain so that we collectively understand the cost.

We advocate appointment during the very early stages of a project and we develop costs that enable the client to deliver his aspirations, rather than being the one that tells him he can’t afford it.

Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor (Head of Cost Management)
01273 956087
Centrium 1 - WokingPortman House - Bournemouth

Project Management

What is project management? What do we do? The simple response is that we are facilitators. Leaders of the project that provide a framework for the project to develop and evolve within, providing controls and milestones without suppressing the team to deliver fresh and innovative ideas.


Building Surveying – Structural and condition surveys, space planning and procurement services including preparation, submission and negotiation of planning, building control and fire risk assessment applications. MDA’s surveyors also specialise in procurement of conservation works and works in relation to listed buildings and buildings of historic importance.

Party Wall, Boundary Matters and Oversail Licences – Assessment of development proposals with respect to boundary and party wall matters. Advising and acting for building or adjoining owners under statute or common law and preparation of awards and agreements. MDA’s surveyors also provide professional advice in relation to the creation and agreement of crane and scaffold oversail licences between a building owner and adjoining owners.

Sean Gatehouse

Sean Gatehouse (Head of Project Management)
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Henry Wellcome Building - Leicester
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Project Monitoring

Our Independent Project Monitoring Service provides confidential appraisals, investigations and due diligence reports for funding institutions, developers, building owners and contractors. By reporting on the development appraisal, build cost, suggested programme, tender and contract procedures, insurances, quality control processes, design economics and risk, we’re able to closely monitor the delivery of the agreed contractual arrangements.

Our experienced construction professionals regularly report on progress from site visits, comment on management accounts and cashflow projections, anticipate final costs, maintain loan conditions and update sales data. We aim to build success through innovation, enthusiasm and enhance the team knowledge.

Stuart Nightingale

Contact: Stuart Nightingale (Head of Project Monitoring)
0207 399 0888
Style Street - Manchester

Specialist Cost Consultancy

Dispute Resolution

MDA’s Dispute Management Service Team comprises industry experts with experience in all aspects of litigation and arbitration. We have worked with all the major construction lawyers in the UK.

Risk/Value Management

MDA’s specialists introduce techniques to enhance value including risk analysis and assessment, value management, value engineering, life cycle costing and maintenance management.

Kevin Heaton

Kevin Heaton (Head of Specialist Cost Consultancy)
0117 929 2641

CDM Consultancy

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Health and Safety is pivotal to compliance from a regulatory perspective. The CDM Regulations now apply to all categories of construction work. As specialists in undertaking CDM duties, MDA offer the following services, either individually or a combined package.

Client CDM Advisor: Advising the Client on CDM compliance and assisting with the performance of the Client’s CDM duties.

Principal Designer: Undertaking the duty holder role of Principal Designer as defined in the 2015 CDM Regulations.

We are also able to provide the following alternative service, although this would not normally be a Client appointment:-

Principal Designer CDM Advisor: Assisting the Principal Designer in the performance of his duties, particularly in respect of project design risk management.

MDA has built up a wealth of experience providing expert advice on all health & safety matters throughout a range of project sectors and scales.

John Wallace

John Wallace – Head of CDM
01379 890378
No. 626 Chiswick High Street - London


MDA Consulting Ltd (MDA) uniquely provides a comprehensive Corporate Support Services, which includes:

• Knowledge and Information Management System (KIMS)
• Business Management System/Quality Assurance (BMS/QA)
• Research and Development (R&D) and Documentation Production

The Corporate Support Services, with their bespoke knowledge, software and hardware packages, can remotely support anyone in the company especially with the administration and facilitation of e-mail, extranet and collaborative website communications that are increasingly being adopted on projects within the construction industry.

Whilst adopting their e-business ethos MDA have been noted for the quality of this ‘Added Value’ service which enables all recipients to readily read and navigate around the electronic documentation produced from cover to cover without specialist knowledge and software being required.

This Corporate Support Service has been so accepted and recognised by our Clients for the unique quality of product and knowledge of e-business that MDA have been commissioned directly to provide this service to them.

Clients, either public clients having requirements to procure goods and services on the basis of framework procedure or private clients wishing to maximise opportunities through the supply chain would find great efficiency using the Corporate Support Services.

We can provide
• E-Tendering Services
• Extranet Hosting
• Multiple Tender Document Production
• Tender and Procurement Support
• Knowledge and Information Management
• Electronic Data Exchange
• Online Contract Drafting
• Tender/OJEU Management

Steve Banks

Steve Banks (Knowledge and Documentation Manager)
01273 956 085

Integrated Residential Consultancy

MDA is one of the leading UK Residential Consultants with extensive experience in both private and social housing sectors, having completed some 100,000 dwellings with an estimated current day value in excess of £5 billion.

Our multi-disciplined residential team comprising Employer’s Agents/Project Managers, Cost Consultants, Construction Inspectors and Defects Managers can provide advice, support and professional services at all stages in the life cycle of a housing project, from site evaluation, sustainability advice and feasibility studies to defects management and planned maintenance.

We have particular expertise in working with Registered Providers (RPs) and Private Developers on mixed use new and regeneration developments to provide sustainable communities and on developments where RSLs work in partnership with private housing developers.

We fully support and embrace the changes that have taken place within the construction industry championed by Sir John Egan and we have significant expertise in partnering, supply chain management and modern methods of housing construction.

Mark Fowler

Mark Fowler – Head of Residential
0207 399 0888
Bourbon Lane - LondonRAF Hendon - Phases A & B