At the core of our company is a culture of innovation and collaboration

De Montfort University, Leicester

MDA provides professional services to the property and construction industries. We have at the core of our company a culture of innovation, collaboration and, most importantly, an understanding of how to fulfil and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We work in a structured manner that ensures we deliver projects within a process, which brings order and mutual understanding, providing space for all of us to be more creative and to question where we can improve.

Our philosophy is simple: for our teams to make distinctive, substantial and lasting improvements to our clients’ businesses. We have achieved this by developing a vibrant company, which attracts and retains exceptional people.

Together with its associated consultant firms, the group employs approximately 200 professional and administrative staff worldwide.

These extensive resources enable the group to undertake the largest and most complex of projects in virtually any geographic region of the world and in every sector of commerce, industry and public works. The group and its associated firms have undertaken professional commissions in over 100 countries.

The structure of the group enables it to deliver a wide range of skills in the most appropriate way, targeted at achieving the objectives of the client whilst taking full account of the constraints that will impact on the project.

The services offered by MDA concentrate on the effective management of a project and all those who have input to it, with particular attention to matters relating to cost and value to the building owner or user.

Our Core Values


Place our clients, shareholders and employees first.


Maintain an open work environment that promotes a collective responsibility to consistently deliver our professional products and services to programme and in a profitable manner.


Maintain, operate and retain the support of the relevant stakeholders and interested parties that depend upon their and our continuing success.


Encourage and support training and professional qualifications, reward endeavour and innovation and provide growth and opportunities for all our employees.


Understanding the needs and expectations of our clients and be known for the quality, value and professionalism of our products and services and to continuously monitor and review these requirements.


Maintain and develop an entrepreneurial spirit within the organisation to ensure we are flexible and can continually improve and readily adapt to an ever changing world.