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MDA's Reaction to 2021 MIPIM Cancellation

Friday March 12th 2021

Rob McGuinn, head of our Leicester Office and Chairman of Team Leicester, talks to the Leicester Mercury about the cancellation of MIPIM 2021.

Rob said “It is a shame that MIPIM is being cancelled this year but given the pandemic situation is still ongoing to such an extent, it’s not really a surprise.

“I am very pleased that we had already taken proactive steps to develop a very useful and exciting programme of property and construction related activities for our sponsors in particular, but also the wider sector and I am looking forward to releasing details soon.

“For now, we are keen to carry on working with partners, sponsors and other property and construction organisations to drive forward Team Leicester’s aims to bring the property and construction sector together and to help champion Leicester and Leicestershire’s investment potential.”

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