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Why I love my job - Lettice Swan

Tuesday January 28th 2020

Before joining MDA Consulting four and a half years ago, I was working in recruitment. Whilst I never “hated” my job; I somehow knew that it wasn’t a career for me. Working long days, sometimes 12 hours, for very low pay with the constant promise of jam tomorrow just didn’t work for me. However I’d been working within the construction sector, recruiting Quantity Surveyors and Business Development professionals for a variety of consultancy practices, including MDA. It did spark an interest in me to look at this sector for possible opportunities for my next career move and I’d started looking at how I could move into a career in construction; applying for Masters Degrees in Development Management and the like. 

One of the instructions I was undertaking was to find a Business Development Executive for MDA Consulting. I knew the company a little and liked the ethos, but as I took the job spec, and the more I heard about the firm and the role, I thought “this is the job for me!” I called Steve Jones their managing director and said, “What about me?” And he said, “What about you?!” I explained how my skills were transferable and we met a few days later to discuss in more detail. 

Steve must have thought I was worth pursuing as he sent me to meet with “one of the younger guys at MDA” over a glass of wine. I had barely managed three sips when he suggested I join them at a networking event MDA were hosting to see how I fared in a “live” business development environment. It felt like it was sink or swim! I found myself at one of our famous BRIC (Building Relationships In Construction) functions and had to chat and network with the other guests without any real knowledge of the industry. Nerve racking though it was for me, it was a clever and innovative move on MDA’s part as much of the role in business development takes you out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, and if I could demonstrate that I could mix with their clients and at least appear confident and relaxed, I just might be worth employing, and as it turned out, I was!

I’m the rare person that has a role they love within a company they love. To me (and I’m very aware it is not for everyone) I’ve landed the dream job; hard work though it is, I get to meet so many interesting people and to everyday understand more and more about such an important sector within our economy. I travel the country, and on occasion the world, and although I may moan to my husband about how much I eat and drink and how I don’t find time for the gym – it’s the restaurants, bars and members clubs that I’ve been privileged to go to that is the real perk!  

But of course it’s not just the role I carry out that I enjoy, it’s the company itself. MDA Consulting has a rich history yet this is never forgotten as a number of staff have seen the company through many (often difficult) years, with a small handful of employees having worked here for over 40 years. It’s fantastic to work in a business with so many people  who really believe in the business and enjoy being a part of it. 

Another really innovative and positive strategy which helps to future proof the business is the investment in the next generation that MDA has made. We’re a small-ish business and completely employee owned (I myself bought shares in the firm when I was promoted to Associate) so everyone gets a say in how we progress and move forward. There is no micro-management (completely different from my experiences in recruitment) and employees are given the training, tools and opportunity to develop their career and be the best they can. 

I’m in my fifth year at MDA Consulting and have never looked back, here’s to many more ahead! 

We have a number of opportunities so if you are ready to be challenged and rewarded for your efforts in a great supportive and fun company, why not get in touch?

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