Cost Consultancy

More of an art than a science? At MDA we believe that the truth is somewhere in between

Centrium 1, Woking

We are not naive enough to think that we will always provide costs against robust and fixed designs. Our skill is that we read between the lines and provide a view based on our experience and knowledge of the client and project.

We work with the team to ensure that the delicate balance between what the client wants and what he can afford are sensitively dealt with. We promote working with the entire supply chain so that we collectively understand the cost.

We advocate appointment during the very early stages of a project and we develop costs that enable the client to deliver his aspirations, rather than being the one that tells him he can’t afford it.

Dispute Resolution

MDA’s Dispute Management Service Team comprises industry experts with experience in all aspects of litigation and arbitration, having worked with the leading construction lawyers in the UK.

Risk/Value Management

MDA’s specialists introduce techniques to enhance value including risk analysis and assessment, value management, value engineering, life cycle costing and maintenance management.

Head of Cost Consultancy

Martin Taylor

Director (Brighton)

01273 956087